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Piano Tuning Services in Lake Oswego

Here at Sterling Piano Tuning I am pleased to provide the highest quality piano tuning and service in Lake Oswego.
If you need your piano tuned, repaired, cleaned or are considering refinishing or rebuilding your piano, I would be privileged to be of service to you in Lake Oswego!

Piano Tuning Services in Lake Oswego:


Pianos need to be tuned once every 4-12 months to sound their best. My standard tuning includes a light cleaning, any small repairs that need to be done (I can usually fix sticking keys during a tuning), and regulation of your pedals. If your piano hasn’t been tuned in several years or is well below pitch for some reason, I am usually able to include pitch raises for free. My goal is to help you keep your piano sounding its best and I offer a $15 discount when you get your piano tuned with me again within a 6-12 month timeframe (depending on my evaluation of the piano’s needs and use).
Standard Tuning Visit – $155


Repair and Maintenance

Like a car, a piano will need a periodic tune up, or some major work done to keep it playing well for you. Sometimes I will be able to do this repair and maintenance in your home and sometimes I will need to take the action (inner workings) of your piano back to my shop to do more serious work. My prices for repair work are based on an $80 per hour rate.
Repair ~$95 per hour

Pianos are beautiful instruments but they get dirty over the years. Especially grands! I can make your piano look new again. Since cleaning requires poking around the strings which messes up the tuning, it’s best to schedule a cleaning and tuning together.
A grand cleaning and tuning takes 3-5 hours and costs $250-$350, depending on condition.
An upright cleaning and tuning takes 2-3 hours and costs $200-$250.

Upright Piano Complete Service Package
This gets you the most bang for your buck. This is the “ultimate spa package” for your upright piano. You can see a complete description of this process with photos here.
This package basically includes:
1. Cleaning
2. Action Regulation
3. Basic Repairs
4. Hammer Shaping & Maintenance
5. Case Touch Up
6. Tuning & Voicing
I schedule an entire day for this service visit and charge $400-$500.

Keytop Repair
If your ivories are chipped or missing, I can either find and install replacement ivories or resurface your keys with an imitation ivory so it looks and feels new again.
Complete set of of new white keytops – $450

Rebuilding and Refinishing

While I don’t do the refinishing and rebuilding work myself, I can connect you to some of the best piano rebuilders in the country!

Evaluations, Consultations and Appraisals
If you want to know more about your piano, what condition its in, and what work might need to be done, I can do detailed verbal and written evaluation in your home.
If you want an estimate of your piano’s worth, these take a little longer. I will inspect the piano, taking notes and pictures, then do some additional research and get you an estimate within 2 weeks.
If you’re looking to buy a used piano off Craigslist, or from a private party, I am available to accompany you, check through the piano and be your advocate in the sale (or warn you to stay away from a bad piano!).
Consultation -$95

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